Anrich Nortje

South African fast bowler Anrich Nortje downplayed concerns about pitches in the ongoing T20 World Cup, arguing that low-scoring games can be equally entertaining and require significant skill.

Nortje was a key player in South Africa’s win against Sri Lanka, the tournament opener, despite the low combined score of 157 runs.

“I thought the game was great,” Nortje said. “It was entertaining, the crowd was fantastic, a brilliant spectacle.” He emphasized that a thrilling game doesn’t require a constant barrage of sixes. “There’s still a lot of strategy and skill involved, whether it’s batsmen, bowlers, or spinners,” he explained. “The game remained close – another wicket could have changed things.”

While the two matches before South Africa’s encounter were also low-scoring, Nortje believes bowlers deserve some support. “There’s nothing wrong with the wickets,” he said. “Bowlers need some help too. It’s different from what players are used to, but there’s more assistance for us, and that’s okay.”

Nortje acknowledged the desire for big hits on flat pitches, but stressed the need for adaptability. “We might see flatter pitches or slower ones later, who knows? Our focus is to adapt to whatever comes our way.”

Coming off a challenging IPL season with a high economy rate, Nortje revealed his approach to improvement. “It was just one bad over in the IPL,” he said. “The key is to follow your process, work hard on weaknesses, and surround yourself with positive people.”

He highlighted the importance of a supportive circle. “Keep those who know you and your abilities close, and keep negativity at bay. I wasn’t at my best today, but I got results. It’s about the process, continuous improvement, and learning from setbacks. The tougher things get, the faster you learn.”

Nortje concluded by expressing his satisfaction with his training and preparation for the World Cup.