Maheesh Theekshana

Sri Lankan cricketer Maheesh Theekshana has criticized the T20 World Cup schedule, calling it unfair due to the extensive travel his team has had to endure.

Theekshana’s frustration stems from Sri Lanka’s hotel location, a staggering one hour and 40 minutes away from the stadium they’re playing at. This distance, coupled with flight delays, has significantly impacted the team’s preparation and rest.

“We were supposed to leave at 8pm but the flight got changed to 5am. It’s unfair for us,” Theekshana said, according to reports. “Even from the hotel, it’s one hour and 40 minutes travel. Even today, we had to wake up around 5am to come here.” He added that the team even had to cancel a training session due to fatigue.

Theekshana highlighted the disparity in travel demands compared to other teams. “Few teams are playing at the same venue,” he said, implying they have a significant advantage in terms of rest and recovery.

This situation raises concerns about Sri Lanka’s ability to perform at their best throughout the tournament. With a grueling schedule and limited preparation time, the team faces an uphill battle.