Shivam Dube CSK

Shivam Dube’s rise in the IPL has been a fascinating one. While his reputation as a six-hitting machine against spin was well established, his struggles against short balls were a known vulnerability. This weakness was exploited by teams in the past, most notably by Gujarat Titans in 2023 with bowlers like Mohammed Shami and Hardik Pandya keeping him in check.

However, the 2024 season has unveiled a new and improved Shivam Dube. Determined to address his limitations, Dube reportedly put in significant off-season work, specifically focusing on countering the short ball. This dedication has paid off tremendously. Gone are the days of tentative ducks and desperate defenses. The current Dube exhibits a newfound confidence against pace, reading deliveries with ease and dispatching short balls to the boundary with power and precision.

This transformation was evident in CSK’s recent match against GT. While their strategy targeted Dube’s supposed weakness with short-pitched bowling from left-arm quick Spencer Johnson and Mohit Sharma, Dube emerged victorious in both encounters. He not only picked out the short balls from a mile away, but also launched them over the ropes with effortless power. Even the guile of Rashid Khan, arguably the best spinner in the format, couldn’t contain him. Dube sent Khan’s delivery packing over long-on, showcasing his continued mastery over spin bowling.

This newfound ability to handle short deliveries elevates Dube’s threat level significantly. CSK batting coach Michael Hussey rightly lauded Dube’s hard work and praised his well-rounded skillset. Dube’s success highlights the importance of self-improvement in a competitive environment like the IPL. By addressing his weakness, he has not only solidified his place in the CSK lineup but also become a genuine nightmare for bowlers across the league. With his ability to dominate both pace and spin, Shivam Dube has become a complete batsman, a valuable asset for his team and a force to be reckoned with in the IPL.