Rohit Sharma MI-1

Indian cricket captain Rohit Sharma has expressed his disapproval of the ‘Impact Player’ rule currently being implemented in the IPL.

Here are the key points:

  • Rohit believes the rule hinders the development of all-rounders like Washington Sundar and Shivam Dube.
  • With teams having the option to substitute a player later in the game, all-rounders might not get a chance to bowl, neglecting their bowling skills.
  • This could negatively impact India’s T20 World Cup squad selection as they rely on all-rounders for balance.
  • Rohit acknowledges the entertainment value the rule brings but argues it comes at the cost of strategic depth.
  • He doesn’t propose a specific solution but suggests teams might not always need the extra batsman an impact player can bring.

Impact on upcoming T20 World Cup:

  • Rohit highlights the concern that players like Dube, who showcased his batting prowess but couldn’t bowl due to the impact player rule, might be overlooked for the World Cup squad despite their valuable batting skills.